- About - Demitasse Wanderlust

Hi! My name is Brandy Isadora. I’m a photographer and writer, who has a healthy obsession for coffee (because when I do anything I give it 100%, including my addictions :P). When I was 19, my father introduced me to my first cup of Joe, and I’ve never looked back. For me, a morning without coffee is like Christmas without the trees and lights.

I do like my daily dose of caffeine in the morning, but drinking coffee is also an important ritual for me. It’s the one time of day where I take time for myself. But sometimes I like to venture out and try other people’s coffee. As a writer, I’ve often gone to different coffee shops to do my work and to also feel a sense of community.

Since the 17th century, when coffee was first introduced to the Europeans, coffee shops became the center for conversations, political discussions, and commerce. The reason I started this blog is that I feel most of us are looking for a sense of community and coffee shops offer an opportunity for people to feel a part of something bigger than themselves as well as to enjoy their favorite beverage. There are many coffee shops here in the Valley of the Sun, each with their own specialties, ambiance, and character. As a bean stalker, I will be touring these venues and reviewing them on their coffee, service, and environment. Watch this space! 🙂