Coffee Bar at The Henry

First, I have to go off topic here and say that the hamburger at The Henry is one of the best I have ever had in my life. This is not a hyperbole. I love hamburgers and, at some point, I order one at every restaurant I try. The reason the hamburger at The Henry is so amazing to me is that their meat is flavorful and not too dry (even when ordered well done) and their special sauce serves as a the perfect complement. The French Fries are great as well.

Now, back to the coffee. One of the first things you notice about The Henry is the beautiful European aesthetic of the restaurant and coffee bar. Located in the heart of Arcadia, just east of 44th street on Camelback Road, The Henry stands out as a happening hangout for people of all ages. The inside of the building feels European with its dark wood floors, various shades of blue walls and tapestries, and heavy wood tables accompanied with the traditional green bankers lamps. Since this place is almost always busy the tables near the front are usually taken, but there is an additional room off to the side with long rectangular tables and chairs for people to work or reserve for meetings. On a nice day, patrons can relax with a cup of coffee on their front porch area where there’s plenty of seating.

The food and pastries at the coffee bar are very tasty. The selection of breakfast sandwiches and cakes is pretty extensive. They also offer a variety specialty coffee drinks, such as mochas, cappuccinos, and espressos. I typically get their plain coffee or a café au lait. The coffee is pretty decent. It’s nothing to write home about, but at least their brew is not too heavy or too bland. Their customer service is also satisfactory, but my one complaint about this place is their layout. The line for ordering is right by the door, so, as soon as you walk in, you hit a wall of people. There’s not whole lot of room for people to stand in line, which, during peak hours, feels awkward. If it weren’t for that additional room, it would be next to impossible to guarantee an indoor place to sit. The parking seems plentiful, but come lunchtime or the weekends, this lot gets full pretty quickly. Fortunately, they do have a complimentary valet service for their patrons.

Since starting this coffee blog, I have found that the popular coffee spots don’t do a lot to promote community because they don’t have to. People bring their friends and family or their laptops. While I do enjoy having a cup of coffee at The Henry, it’s not exactly my “go-to.” I tend to prefer the less trendy places that have a more neighborhood feel.

Coffee Bar at The Henry





  • ambiance
  • food
  • seating


  • parking
  • crowded